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Movie Info:

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Director: Srikanth Odela

Writers: Srikanth Odela, Thota Srinivas

Stars: Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Shine Tom Chacko

: Summary of the movie’s storyline :

In this Movie discusses the rarity of satire in Hindi cinema and highlights a recent film, “Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery,” as a decent attempt to bring satire to the forefront of Indian cinema. Directed by Yashowardhan Mishra, the movie centers around the theft of two jackfruits from an MLA’s home, prompting the entire police force to search for them. The story takes place in the small town of Moba and follows sub-inspector Mahima, a hardworking woman, who is put in charge of the investigation. The article praises the film for its effortless storytelling, humor, and incorporation of social issues faced by women, bureaucracy, and political power. It acknowledges some flaws in the screenplay, particularly in the second half, but credits the film for its originality and thematic exploration. The article also commends the performances of the cast, including Sanya Malhotra, Anant Joshi, Vijay Raaz, Raghubir Yadav, and Rajpal Yadav. Overall, the article describes “Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery” as an enjoyable watch with a strong story and performances.


Download Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery (2023) | Hindi | 1080p | [2.6GB]

Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery (2023) Movie Review

The Movie Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery (2023) Directed by Yashowardhan Mishra, the movie revolves around the theft of two exotic jackfruits from an MLA’s home, leading the entire police force of the town to search for them. The investigation conducted by the police force forms the charming aspect of the film. Will they be able to recover the stolen jackfruits?

The story is set in the small town of Moba, where sub-inspector Mahima, a hardworking and grounded woman, has recently apprehended a criminal. Although her seniors take credit for her work, Mahima takes pride in her accomplishments. Her boyfriend, Saurabh, a constable, is unfazed by Mahima being his superior officer, as they have been together since their training days, and their relationship remains strong. One day, the local MLA summons Mahima and her superiors to investigate the theft of the two jackfruits from his garden. The MLA, an insensitive person, insists that the police dedicate their time to finding the culprits and their motive. Mahima is put in charge of the investigation, leading to a hilarious search for the comically large fruits and the thieves responsible.

First and foremost, writers Ashok Mishra and Yashowardhan Mishra deserve praise for creating a good satirical comedy, a rarity in Hindi cinema. While the film explores the familiar territory of small-town tales, what stands out is the effortless storytelling and humor. The plot progresses smoothly without feeling disjointed at any point. The humor blends seamlessly with the narrative, never feeling forced. Although the screenplay meanders a bit in the second half, it manages to tie up loose ends convincingly by the climax.

The film incorporates humor into the predicament of a working woman who also has household responsibilities. This humor adds a layer of harsh reality, shedding light on the challenges faced by women in the 21st century. The film satirizes the stigma associated with a woman holding a superior position to her husband and the societal pressures that discourage women from accepting promotions to avoid discord within their marriage. The movie also highlights the absurdity of bureaucracy and the disregard for law and order when dealing with cases involving local leaders focused solely on maintaining their power. The sidelining of a local journalist attempting to report factual news reflects the current state of affairs in the country. The satirical humor is well-executed without going overboard.

Although the screenplay has some glitches, particularly in the second half where the writers lose track of the main storyline, the meandering serves a purpose in the film’s story. However, the narrative could have been tighter. The merging of an important case with the missing jackfruits case is a stroke of storytelling genius, but the screenplay fails to bring it to fruition in a straightforward manner. Instead, it deviates significantly, which ultimately works against the film. Nonetheless, the film deserves credit for presenting an original story and skillfully incorporating themes of caste, power, and ground-level journalism. Yashowardhan Mishra and Ashok Mishra successfully highlight the absurd cases that are prioritized while neglecting real issues faced by people. The film effectively portrays the disconnect between the police and political leaders from the reality of everyday life, where missing persons’ cases are ignored while precious time and resources are wasted on the search for replaceable jackfruits.

The characters Mahima and Saurabh have well-developed arcs, with their relationship experiencing ups and downs due to their work dynamics. Sanya Malhotra delivers a fantastic performance, effortlessly portraying Mahima’s dedication to doing what is right. Anant Joshi excels as Saurabh, a supportive boyfriend who takes his police work seriously despite Mahima being his superior officer. Staple actors in Hindi belt stories like Vijay Raaz and Raghubir Yadav perfectly embody their roles, bringing ease and familiarity to their performances. Rajpal Yadav surprises as Anuj, a journalist unafraid to question the status quo.

Overall, Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery is an enjoyable watch. It delivers a good story with strong performances that keep the audience engaged until the end. And yes, we do find out what happened to those exotic jackfruits.

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