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Movie Info:

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Initial release: 9 June 2023

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Based on: Sleepless Night (2011); by Frédéric Jardin

Music by: Songs: Badshah; Anuj Garg; Score & Guest Composition: Julius Packiam

Production companies: Jio Studios; AAZ Films; Offside Entertainment; Sradvn Production

Written by: Ali Abbas Zafar; Aditya Basu; Siddharth–Garima

: Summary of the movie’s storyline :

In Gurugram, NCB officer Sumair Azad and his deputy Jagadish Prasad, known as Jaggi, successfully intervene in a drug deal. However, the drug lord Sikandar retaliates by kidnapping Sumair’s son, Atharva, and demands the return of a bag of cocaine in exchange for the boy’s release. Left with no choice, Sumair agrees to retrieve the bag from NCB headquarters.

In an attempt to deceive Sikandar, Sumair hides the bag in a men’s toilet at his club. His assistant, Aditi Rawat, becomes suspicious when she notices his actions. Believing that Sumair is involved in drug smuggling, Aditi informs her superior, Sameer Singh, and they begin to pursue Sumair, unknowingly taking the bag of cocaine from the toilet.

When Sumair realizes the bag of cocaine is missing, he decides to replace it with a bag of flour and return it to Sikandar, hoping he won’t notice the switch. Unfortunately, Sikandar and his associate Hameed Shaikh discover the deception and plan to kill Sumair. Caught between Sikandar’s gang, Aditi, and Sameer, Sumair confronts Aditi and reveals that he has been working undercover. He explains that he orchestrated the entire operation to expose Sameer and Jaggi’s involvement in drug smuggling for Sikandar.

Sumair manages to rescue Atharva without Sikandar’s knowledge, and Aditi and Sameer arrest Sikandar. During the arrest, Aditi discovers Jaggi’s phone in her jacket and reads incriminating messages that prove Sumair was telling the truth. She realizes that Sameer and Jaggi were involved in drug smuggling and had framed Sumair.

As they transport Sikandar to prison, Aditi learns that Sumair had hidden drug packets in his car. This revelation exposes Sumair’s own involvement in drug smuggling. However, Atharva, aware of his father’s secret, chooses to keep quiet. Sumair and Atharva set off on a short trip together.


Download Bloody Daddy (2023) Hindi Full Movie | WEB-DL {Hindi} | 1080p [2.5GB]

Review About Bloody Daddy (2023) Hindi Movie 1080p”

When I told someone that I was going to see a film called “Bloody Daddy,” he said it sounds like bad porn. As it turns out, Bloody Daddy is a solidly entertaining cops and gangster saga. Interestingly, this is the fifth time this story is being told. The original is a 2011 French film called Nuit Blanche or Sleepless Night. In 2017, Hollywood made it as the Jamie Foxx daughter, Sleepless. Two years earlier, it was also remade with Kamal Hassan shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. The Tamil version was released as Tunga Vanam, which means sleepless forest.

It’s telling that Ali Abbas Zafar, who co-writes, co-produces, and directs, ditched the sleepless theme and simply went with Bloody Daddy, which is exactly what this film is about: a father who, as the day turns to night, gets bloodier and bloodier. The story, set in New Delhi and Gurugram, takes place just after the second COVID-19 wave. What’s a bag of cocaine, which is now in the hands of a cop named Sumer, who may or may not be clean? Gangsters take his son Atharv hostage. Obviously, they want the backpack. There are also other cops in the mix who, like Sumer, seem to be duplicitous. They are the classic dysfunctional father-son who desperately need quality time together and maybe a counselor.

Sumer is the sort of pretty cop who just downs two painkillers with whiskey to deal with a knife food. Just as an aside, it’s nice that killers are getting their due in Bollywood. You remember Pathan in which even the mighty Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan needed them painkillers. Human eyes are superheroes, but back to Bloody Daddy. So Atharv is the sort of self-aware teenager who warns his father that if he continues on this path, he will end up lonely. Despite their curdled exchanges, when Athar was taken, Sumer goes into ninja mode to rescue him. Of course, a long night of trysts with seriously shady people and near-death situations is exactly the bonding exercise this duo needs. It’s borderline silly, but Ali’s cinema has never been about logic or realism. This is a director who revels in flashy moments and cheeks, which actually helps to live this serviceable material. Ali and his co-writer Aditya Basu (the additional dialogues are by Siddharth Garima) infuse such playfulness into this grim story. Much of this comes by the gangsters. Ronitz Roy, sucking on cigars and wearing this beautifully tailored red jacket, he tells another character it’s Gucci, is in his element as Sikandar. Sikandar is in crafts as he explains to Athar, he’s just a businessman who happens to deal in cocaine. There’s also Sanjay Kapoor, having a ball as Hamid, another gangster who’s also waiting to take delivery of the cocaine.

Most of the action takes place in a seven-star hotel, which Sikandar owns. Through the film, Ali cuts between this big fat Indian wedding taking place at the hotel and the more murderous double-crosses happening behind the scenes. Action directors Craig McRae, Lee Whittaker, and Parvez Sheikh stage furious action sequences in the hotel kitchen and in a gaming room. Masks and COVID tests add dark humor. Watch out for a scene in which Sumer wrecks havoc on a formal wedding dinner, but Sikandar consoles the wailing bride with “Don’t worry, Badshah will be here soon.” The ruthless gangster is also a courteous hotelier.

Shahid Kapoor’s constructed cool perfectly matches Ali’s masala DNA. Shahid works the swag in the brutal action scenes and the slow-motion shootout moments. By the end, all the men seem to be in a contest of “my gun is bigger than yours,” but Shahid is also solid as the repentant father who, in the middle of this mayhem, sheds a tear for what he has wrought. His vineyard of start burnishes the storytelling instead of unsettling it as it did in Farsi. I hope Sumer gets a sequel. There’s also Rajiv Khandelwal, a fine actor who deserves to be seen much more, but I wish the script had made that lone female cop played by Diana Penty a little smarter. She remains mostly clueless.

Ali and the DOP Mason Laskowick reimagine Gurugram as Las Vegas, this gleaming city of lights and vice, and Julius Packium’s background score helps to keep the energy up. Be warned, Bloody Daddy

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